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Impact Learning Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Maria Xenidou and share my learning journey with her as well as some ideas about the future of teaching and learning. I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast episode. You can also hear from my friend and colleague Dr. Stephanie Moore from the University of…

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Stay curious, lead and be resilient, and show your gratitude

Phi Kappa Phi speech

This weekend was a surreal experience for me. As a newly minted PhD, I was able to return to my alma mater and deliver the keynote address at the induction ceremony for the oldest multidisciplinary honor society in the country! I was invited by my friend and  mentor Dr. JoAnn Canales, Dean of Graduate Studies at…

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HigherEd EdTech Decision Making

Over the years, I’ve served on edtech committees, adopted numerous technologies in support of teaching and learning, and even been the consultant providing expert advice to a University who was in the middle of a key decision making process. Through all these roles I’ve held in my career in edtech, I’ve often wondered how the…

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