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8 Principles of Effective Online Course Design

Rapid prototyping with Quality Matters rubric from Whitney Kilgore Presentation shared at the 2013 National Quality Matters Conference 1. Consistent Design and Organized Content Keep the students in mind during the development of your online course, remember that they are busy adult learners.  Organization of your content is very important to your learners.  Using a…

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xMOOC or Publishing Paradigm?

Originally posted: November 14, 2012 – Blog rebuilt: April 20, 2014 I have been pondering the current School as a Service (SAAS) shake up with the purchase of Embanet-Compass by Pearson and the purchase of Deltak by Wiley. Then I learned that McGraw-Hill is being acquired (perhaps) by Apollo Group (not the University of Phoenix).…

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Role of the Instructor – evolving or dissolving?

In a technology-focused educational climate, what do you believe the role of the instructor to be today? The instructor MUST balance between being the sage on the stage and being the guide on the side.  While the argument has been made that instructors should remove themselves from the stage, I contend that rather there should…

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