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8 Principles of Effective Online Course Design

Rapid prototyping with Quality Matters rubric from Whitney Kilgore Presentation shared at the 2013 National Quality Matters Conference 1. Consistent Design and Organized Content Keep the students in mind during the development of your online course, remember that they are busy adult learners.  Organization of your content is very important to your learners.  Using a…

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Gamify your next eBook with Bookry. No coding required!

Bookry Widgets

Do you use iBooks Author?  If so, you need to know about Bookry.  This newcomer to the edtech community puts powerful tools in the hands of authors in three distinct ways; with interactive widgets and analytics. There is no coding required!  Simply choose from the widget library, customize the settings and drag and drop it…

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Gamification: Upgrading the Learning Environment

Overview: The same elements that make games enjoyable also make them ideal learning environments. Gaming is especially useful for simulating real-world career scenarios and training students how to respond. Several prestigious institutions now incorporate gaming into their graduate programs. “Keep sitting there staring at that screen. Atari will rot your brain as fast as Fun…

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M-Learning – Readiness

Are institutions of higher education ready for mobile learning? What factors need to be considered prior to launching mobile learning? The research shows an increasing number of students in developed countries are ready for mobile learning, however, institutions, faculty, and educational delivery systems are not. With the explosion of handheld technology and the pervasiveness of…

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Designing educational experiences for the mobile device

Given where the field of educational/learning technologies has been over the last several decades, where do you believe it will go next? I have read for years that learning would become more personalized.  What’s more personal than the device in your pocket or purse?  Mobile learning (M-learning), which is defined as learning methods and materials…

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Learning Technologies Bias?

What is learning and teaching to me? Learning occurs all around us, in coffee shops, while talking on the phone, while searching for answers online, and yes, in classes (online and face-to-face).  I do not believe that teachers are needed in order for learning to occur, however, teaching is evolving into a facilitation role of…

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