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Counting – Grading… #rhizo15

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately – sometimes so many different things that it becomes difficult to begin writing. Call it writer’s block or stage fright if you will, however, I have found that after I read a couple of the #rhizo15 posts on Facebook or Twitter, I will then spend an inordinate amount…

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Degrees vs. Micro-Credentials: Two VCs Slug It Out

Panelists: Christopher Nyren: Founder of Educelerate Inc. @cnyren Ryan Craig – University Ventures – author: The Great Unbundling of Higher Education  Matthew Greenfield: Managing Partner at Rethink Education Session: http://schedule.sxswedu.com/events/event_EDUP41683 _____________________ Notes from the session at SXSWEDU. 3 very different investing styles. Ryan Craig has invested in higher education and the money has shifted from the University to…

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