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My #fedwikihappening experience

I was lucky to have been a part of a very, very messy learning experience this holiday season.  This learning experience was not a MOOC but rather a connectivist learning experience called “a happening” per Mike Caulfield. The happening was a semi-structured community learning experience using Federated Wiki as an authoring tool.  The goal of the happening,…

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4 Social Media Tools to Promote Connected Teaching and Learning

What social media tools should instructors use to engage students outside of the LMS?  Here are 4 simple examples of how to engage students using readily available and mobile friendly tools. Blogging Having students blog about their learning is a great way to chronicle their experiences and reflect on the overall process.  The more students write the…

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Learning Technologies Bias?

What is learning and teaching to me? Learning occurs all around us, in coffee shops, while talking on the phone, while searching for answers online, and yes, in classes (online and face-to-face).  I do not believe that teachers are needed in order for learning to occur, however, teaching is evolving into a facilitation role of…

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