Self-Directed Learning in MOOCs by @ignatia

I attended Inge deWaard’s session at eMOOCs2015 on Self-Directed Learning my notes are below.

There are multiple contexts and other focuses in the literature like self-regulated learning, mobility, individual v. collaborative learning.In the literature self-directed learning is more aligned in cMOOCs.

There were two courses included in the pilot study conducted. The “beta” courses were two weeks in length.  59 learners were chosen for the study based upon a variety of criteria that would suit the study.  The study was conducted in three phases. Phase 1 survey, phase 2 learning logs, and phase three was structured 1:1 interviews.

The phenomenological approach of the research design was complimented by using grounded theory in the analysis of the data.

The TOP learning activities that learners engaged in were:

  1. Viewing multimedia 100%
  2. Reading Text-Based content 91%
  3. Reading Discussions 87%
  4. Taking a Quiz 83%

Most of the challenges that the learners faced were time related. The slides are included below.

The pilot pointed to changes for a future study. Inge says, I need to make a decision on self-directed learning (andragogy) or self-determined learning (heutagogy)?

Inge mentioned that there is a need to untangle the concepts of self-directed learning…  As a fellow PhD student, I found it very useful to see the outcomes of her pilot study. I really appreciated the opportunity to understand her research design and methodology.

-Thanks Inge!

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