#DALMOOC – Day Zero

The weekend offered an opportunity to catch up on the Google Hangouts that occurred late last week. Both the designing DALMOOC video and the Introduction to DALMOOC video were very helpful in setting the stage for the course and what is to come over the next few weeks on edX and beyond.  If you haven’t watched either of these videos yet and want to join #DALMOOC, then I suggest that you start here: https://plus.google.com/events/cogu12ad55n2dhlqjvek5hb4ki0 with the Orientation to the course.  And, then take a little time to watch George Siemens and Matt Crosslin share how the MOOC was designed: https://plus.google.com/events/cuhu0le7sutfqbksg4opnglf1tg

I’m looking forward to learning more about Dragan Gasevic’s new tool ProSolo and to have time to explore and use the Visual Syllabus created by Matt Crosslin. Matt is creating some really fantastic new design standards that others will likely be utilizing in their future design work. Well done, #DALMOOC team it looks to be a great course.

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