Mobile Learning

Self-Directed Learning in MOOCs by @ignatia

I attended Inge deWaard’s session at eMOOCs2015 on Self-Directed Learning my notes are below. There are multiple contexts and other focuses in the literature like self-regulated learning, mobility, individual v. collaborative learning.In the literature self-directed learning is more aligned in cMOOCs. There were two courses included in the pilot study conducted. The “beta” courses were two…

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Voice and Video tools – which one do you prefer?

This week in the #HumanMOOC the community shared their thoughts on how to enhance Instructor Presence using three different tools.  They used the video recording functionality in Canvas to record an instructor introduction video and gather feedback from their peers, then we took to the web to utilize VoiceThread and FlipGrid. The VoiceThread below contains…

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Bring your Own Device 4 Learning

Next week a truly open learning experience will take place online and I’m honored to be a facilitator. Bring your own device for learning is a collaborative open event that kicks off with a Twitter chat on Sunday at 2pm Central and 8pm Central using both #txeduchat and #byod4lchat hashtags.  The week of January 12-16 there…

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4 Social Media Tools to Promote Connected Teaching and Learning

What social media tools should instructors use to engage students outside of the LMS?  Here are 4 simple examples of how to engage students using readily available and mobile friendly tools. Blogging Having students blog about their learning is a great way to chronicle their experiences and reflect on the overall process.  The more students write the…

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Gamify your next eBook with Bookry. No coding required!

Bookry Widgets

Do you use iBooks Author?  If so, you need to know about Bookry.  This newcomer to the edtech community puts powerful tools in the hands of authors in three distinct ways; with interactive widgets and analytics. There is no coding required!  Simply choose from the widget library, customize the settings and drag and drop it…

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M-Learning – Readiness

Are institutions of higher education ready for mobile learning? What factors need to be considered prior to launching mobile learning? The research shows an increasing number of students in developed countries are ready for mobile learning, however, institutions, faculty, and educational delivery systems are not. With the explosion of handheld technology and the pervasiveness of…

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