Learning Analytics

Bill and Melinda Gates Panel: Improving Teaching and Learning Now

Session Notes: The session began with a e-Literate-TV: regarding Developmental Math (to be released soon on e-LiterateTV) http://schedule.sxswedu.com/events/event_EDUP991240  The session is implementation focused Daniel Patrick Moynihan regarding education and systems thinking in 1971: This is not a simple input-output system. Jen McGrath: Rio Salado: Systems approach – we communicate well and include many people in the…

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Networked Learning about Analytics

A conversation with Sandeep Jayaprakash… A few weeks ago I reached out to Sandeep Jayaprakash in order to connect and learn more about the work that he has been doing in the field of learning analytics.  Today, we met via Google Hangout and he shared his project with me. The learning analytics project that we discussed was the…

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