Design Thinking

Navigating Academic Transformation – ELI Webinar 3.15.18

Current trajectories in ID/edtech: The changes in edtech over the last 5 years or so have been hit or miss. I remember when Google Glass was going to be the next big thing, then there were the SnapChat glasses which were only purchased by less than .08% of SnapChat users and in most cases they…

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LX Design: Remix your Learning Experience Design Process

Notes from the session at SXSWEDU: Remix your Learning Experience Design Process Led by: Martin Moran & Lindsey Own Session designed for K12 educators, provided insights that are aligned with my own work with faculty in the learning design process in higher education. Start the conversation with educator by asking “what is the cool thing that you…

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Design Thinking session at #olc15

At the Online Learning Consortium Conference Patrice Prusko from Cornell and I presented a session on Design Thinking to re-imagine Professional Development.  The slides can be accessed here. Patrice and I met during the OLC #et4online conference and have been meeting every other Saturday since that conference via Skype. The focus of our meetings has…

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